Fully synthetic Food Safe NSF H1 chain oil for continous lubricating oil for conveyor chains operating at very high temperature in the food industry.
For very high load, Lubrication of industrial mechanism working at very high temperatures where incidental contact with the food product is possible according to the HACCP assessement.

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • FDA CFR : FDA 21 CFR
  • HALAL : Halal approved
  • KOSHER : Kosher approved
  • NSF : NSF H1

Product description

NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT is recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur. Using maintenance lubricants which have been registered H1 with NSF minimizes your critical control points as required by HACCP.
Formulation based on high performance complex neopolyol esters.
Exceptional resistance to high temperatures and adhesion properties.
Low evaporation and high flash point.
Reduction in oil consumption and significant extensions of lubrication intervals.