Engine oil SAE 0W-30 , ACEA C1, PSA B71 2312/ 2302, Ford WSS-MC934-B. Oil used by PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN as first fill engine oil and recommended by PEUGEOT and CITROËN in after sales. Well-suited for use with recent engines of PSA, and particularly ones equipped with e-HDI using Stop & Start technologies, and hybrid engines which require new-generation engine oils and gives fuel efficiency..

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • ACEA : ACEA C1

Manufacturers specifications

  • Approved :
    PSA : PSA B71 2312 ,PSA B71 2302 (China)
  • Meets the requirement of :
  • Suitable for :

Product description

Fuel savings of 3.33% as measured by the official M111 FE test and savings above 4.2% as measured during the NEDC cycle compared with a 5W-40 grade oil in compliance with the official ACEA test used for measuring CO2 emissions. Easier cold starts: The 0W-30 grade, together with special additives, makes cold engine starts easier, even at very low temperatures (validation tests carried out down to -40°C) . Protection for pollution-control systems: optimizes the way in which three-way catalytic converters and particulate filters operate, preventing them from getting clogged up with soot or sludge deposits.. Reduces particulate emissions, NOx, HC and CO in particular. Engine protection and cleanliness: offers the best possible protection against wear and clogging as soon as the engine is started up..